The Extraordinary True Story of Family Lost and Found
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Robin's Journey
Antigua, Guatemala. Olga & parrot
Colombia. Pablo building the yellow car
Cabo de Vela
Daisy at Punta Gallinas
Veracruz to Mexico City, The Fast and the Furious....
Bellavista factory
Parque Central, Bellavista
Tía Petra with photo of Arturo
Quitita photo from Tio Enrique's wall
Robin on horseback, shortly before the horse tried to kill him
Lizzy, Ivonne and Robin at Tía Petra's golden wedding
Tia Eva at the golden wedding... with bottle of tequila on her head
Tíos and tías at Tía Petra´s Golden Wedding
Grandma arrives at the fiesta
Tía Eva singing at the fiesta
Grandma dancing with Tio Javier
A small part of the family on the factory steps
Grandma having her first tequila
Grandma Tío Arturo and Robin
Grandma with Tío  Arturo and Tío  Enrique
Grandma at Quitita's grave
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