The Extraordinary True Story of Family Lost and Found

The Mango Orchard was published in France as Les Manguiers de Bellavista: Aventures mexicaines on May 16 2012.

 Les Manguiers de Bellavista: Aventures mexicaines - Robin Bayley

The Portuguese version of the book has been published as Ate ao secreto coracao do Mexico.

Ate ao secreto coracao do Mexico - Robin Bayley

The Mango Orchard is now available in USA and Canada in paperback and e-book.

The Romanian version of The Mango Orchard was published as Livada de Mango on September 5th 2011.

Livada de Mango

The Mango Orchard was originally published in hardback and in the UK and Commonwealth in 2010.

The Mango Orchard Paperback

Further language rights are being negotiated.


The Mango Orchard is a book about Robin Bayley's journey in his great-grandfather's footsteps around Latin America. Robin had always loved the stories about his great-grandfather’s adventures: brushes with bandits, wild jungle journeys, hidden bags of silver and a narrow escape from the Mexican Revolution.  But there was something in these family tales that he felt was missing: the truth.

'This is a fine romance, in every sense of the word.' The Times

'The Mango Orchard is a modern road movie, full of humour and emotion... It is a beautiful human adventure, beyond all differences and prejudices.'  Livres Hebdo (France)

‘a family chronicle as exciting as the best adventure stories… a moving account of two memorable and timeless journeys.' ELLE France

‘Sharply observed, very funny, and infused with the longings and possibilities of the road, it’s a succulent tale.' Wanderlust Magazine

'... a pure pleasure.' Independent on Sunday

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Robin is currently working on feature film screenplays he has been commissioned to write and is slowly writing his second book. He also runs a speech coaching consultancy.

If you would like to invite him to talk at an event, please write at this address


Robin has written articles for many publications and websites, including:

Traveller Magazine, History Today, Family Tree magazine, Family History Monthly, Waterstones Quarterly, and Vagabundo Magazine.


Click Here to hear Robin interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage.

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Last year, Robin took part in an on-line chat with individual readers and reading groups throughout the country. The chat was hampered by some initial technical problems, but once these were overcome, an interesting conversation ensued. Click Here

To see Robin’s latest news, please follow him on his blog, Facebook and Twitter

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